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Learn, create & experience the benefits of essential oils

Blending Art & Science 

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This interactive experience shares the benefits of essential oils as you make your own unique product to take home with you. The workshops can be created for couples, friends, family and colleagues. 



Listening to your individual needs at the time, this therapeutic perfume is tailored to support you and encourage your emotions back to balance. From calming the body to stimulating a focused mind.



An invitation to disconnect from the modern world, through awakening all your senses with the aromas of plants and touch, too feeling an embodied sense of belonging within yourself in the natural world.

Festivals & Retreats

Creating a space for yourself



Course of six aromatherapy treatments 

"I believe that these treatments have contributed to me feeling far less stressed and have encouraged me to lead a more calm and pleasant daily life. I am also much more engaged with scents and smells after experiencing their power first hand with you. I feel that overall this course of treatments has changed my life in such a positive way and I have felt myself feel less weighed down compared to when I began the treatments. I also feel I value my body a lot more as a direct result of receiving your massages and I enjoy taking more care of my body now too, whereas before sometimes self care felt like a sort of inconvenient, late night or early morning chore."
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