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Corporate Massage 

Keep your team happy and healthy, whilst encouraging a productive work environment. On-site office massage will leave your employees feeling refreshed and focused, by alleviating muscular tension and relieving stress.


Office massage is practiced through clothes and without oil. Each session is adapted to the persons individual needs and pressure requirements.  

Desk Massage 

  • 15 minutes 

  • Head, neck and shoulder massage. 

  • On your own office chair 

Chair Massage 

  • Ranging from 15-30 minutes

  • Back, arms, shoulders, neck, head 

  • On professional massage chair, in separate room

  • Accompanied with calming music and an aromatherapy diffuser

Benefits of Office Massage
  • Stress Reduction - Massages are proven to alleviate stress. Incorporating regular massages in your business model can help employees to relax tense and tight muscles from being sat at a desk, while offering a deep pause from a nonstop day. This is turn, helps to reduce anxiety, leading to a calmer and more focused workforce.

  • Increased Productivity - By promoting relaxation and reducing stress, office massages can enhance productivity in the workplace. Employees who experience regular massages often report improved concentration, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.

  • Enhanced Wellbeing - Investing in employee wellbeing is crucial for creating a positive work environment. Not only will an office massage tend to physical aches and pains, it can have a positive impact on your teams mental health at work. Overall boosting morale, and job satisfaction.

  • Strengthen Work Environment - Office massages create a positive and uplifting atmosphere in the workplace. Employees who receive massages often experience a boost in mood and drive, contributing to a happier and more positive work environment.

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