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Coming together with friends, family or colleges, we'll dive into the most beneficial aromas for the chosen workshop, immerse our senses into the characters of the oils and create our own bespoke blends. These interactive workshops will awaken your senses as we connect with the power of plants & learn how to incorporate massage into your everyday life. You will gain an understanding of how to utilise essential oils for your mental, emotional & physical wellbeing. Learning how to blend your own bespoke massage oil, tailored to your unique desires using only plant-based ingredients. Leaving you with the confidence to continue your aromatherapy journey beyond the workshop.


Baby showers

Pregnancy & beyond

To celebrate the creation of a new life, we will immerse ourselves in the essential oils that are safe & effective for pregnancy & beyond. You will gain a deeper understanding of how to utilise essential oils, not only for pregnancy but for your mental, emotional and physical health.


A gift for the both of you

We communicate not just with our words, but with our bodies, sounds & gestures. Sharing massage & touch is like learning a new language - it doubles your ability to speak to one another & brings you closer together. Aromatherapy massage is wonderful for decreasing stress & uplifting spirits. This couples workshop is dedicated to teaching you both the benefits of essential oils & how to help care for each other's muscles & minds. Encouraging a deeper understanding of your own body & how you can influence relaxation for each other, from the comfort of your own home.

Company circles

Working on your wellbeing

Aromatherapy is the key antidote to stress and what better way to reduce stress in a workplace, than to hold an aromatherapy workshop. From learning which oils benefit the mind for stimulation and revitalisation throughout the day, to which oils encourage relaxation out of the office, helping you to feel refreshed for the following day.  


There are many different styles of workshops to chose from and can all be tailored to your companies needs. From a single wellness workshop, to a days retreat - offering neck and shoulder massages to help relieve desk tension and improve productivity. 

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